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Elder Street Artists Lofts' Rummage Sale! Sunday, April 18th!! [14 Apr 2010|11:12pm]

We're doing it again! Come out to the Elder Street Artists Lofts (formerly the Jeff Davis Hospital) and buy our stuff! We'll have many things for sale. We'll have electronics, including TVs, stereo equipment, cameras, playstation 2 as well as clothes, records, cds, movies, furniture, cat furniture and so much more! And since we're artists, you know we'll have our art available for purchase as well! We are a community of photographers, fashion designers, painters, sculptors and jewelry makers. (I'm sure I've forgotten a few other specialties!) Of particular note, one artist will have clay beads and pre-Colombian clay!

The logistics:

1101 Elder St.
Houston, TX 77007

We are near Houston Ave and Washington Ave. (You know, the place you have to go for all of your traffic violations!)

April 18th (Sunday)
9am - 12pm


From Houston Ave, turn on Dart St. (You can only turn one way on dart, so it doesn't matter which way you're coming from) It's right after/before the railroad tunnel/underpass.
Go ALLLLLL the way down until you think we are just leading you into the woods and turn right on Elder. (You will have passed the police impound lot and HFD logistics building and come upon the old probation building.)

Once you are on Elder St. keep going until you see the first driveway on the right, turn in here and park in this lot (no guest parking in the front parking lot!)

We will have signs to direct you once you approach the building. We have yet to determine if we will keep the front door open, or use a backdoor closest to the parking lot. (You should check out the front of our building anyhow, it has an AMAZING view of downtown and you can read about the history of the building on our historical marker!)

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It's the final DANSEPARC!!! [09 Oct 2009|10:31am]

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current flyer

Alright, this is it! This is the FINAL danseparc. We started this thing in 2002 with Jen (Nuromantik now known as DJ Skully), Allison (Fashmagslag/Faux Fancy) and myself, Shoe. Since then we've had DJs leave and new ones come, such as Jaime (from Fashion Kills and Substance), Stacey (Mr. Pink Eyes) and Michael. Jaime now lives in Denver, Stacey is in Chicago and Allison is in NYC. They are ALL flying down here to play a set at the final danseparc! So for the first time ever, we will have every danseparc DJ playing a set in one night!

Many have asked why we are ending it. To that we say, check out this interview: http://www.29-95.com/music/story/danseparc-ends-its-seven-year-party (Thank you Ramon!)

We are sad to say goodbye but it is time. We want to thank you all for making it a fun night, we owe it all to you. So we hope you can make it out one last time, even if you don't go out anymore. Let's make it a night to remember!

We will have a lot of giveaways including mix cds, t-shirts and a little zine with the history of danseparc.

The Goods:

When: Saturday October 10th, 2009 9:30pm - 2am (maybe longer if you force us!)
Where: #s - 300 Westheimer
Who: Allison (Faux Fancy), Jen (Skully), Michael, Stacey (Mr. Pink Eyes), Shoe and Jaime
Why: We want to say goodbye!


If you have any pictures, please add them to the danseparc group on flickr! http://www.flickr.com/groups/danseparc/ (join the group and use the organizer to do a whole bunch at once!)

Thank you all again! We <3 you! See this Saturday!

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This Saturday, Andy Rourke of The Smiths DJ @ the 2nd to last DANSEPARC!! [18 Sep 2009|09:06am]


Danseparc & Connekted Present ::

Andy Rourke of The Smiths at Numbers!

DJ Andy Rourke is back at Danseparc! Come dance to one of the best and fun DJs in the world, Manchester's best kept secret, Andy Rourke!

This will also be the second to last Danseparcs ever! So get it while the gettin's good!

There's fun to be had!

Andy Rourke is a legend in his own right. When Johnny Marr and Morrissey formed The Smiths, Rourke joined the band after their second gig, and remained with the band almost throughout its existence. Marr claims that Rourke's contribution to The Queen Is Dead LP was "something no other bass player could match."

In the last several years, Rourke has traveled the globe as a DJ at some of the worlds hottest clubs, parties, concerts and music festivals, fashion shows, and private events. Energetic, fun, and extremely danceable, Rourke's DJ sets combine a healthy portion of Smiths classics. Britpop, indie-electro, new wave and dance rock. A musical journey from one of the pioneers of the UK indie rock scene.


Start Time:
Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 9:30pm

#s Nightclub
300 Westheimer St.

Check Out ::



Upcoming Events ::
9/19/09 Andy Rourke of The Smiths @ Numbers
9/26/09 Heavy Featuring Klute @ Club 112
10/3/09 Gritsy @ La Strada
10/31/09 Maskarave @ TBA NYC

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9/19 DJ Andy Rourke of The Smiths + 10/10 LAST EVER DANSEPARC!! [11 Sep 2009|11:22pm]


This will be the 2nd to last ever danseparc so come out and have some fun dancing to your favorite danseparc jams and from a legend!

10/10 will be the last ever danseparc. for this special occasion we are having ALL former and current danseparc DJs come in and spin. that's right...jen, jaime, allison and stacey will all be here for this conclusion!

we'll send out a proper announcement about this later but we do want to thank you all for a great 7 years! it's been fun!!

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Andy Rourke of The Smiths plays 2nd to last Danseparc ever on 9/19! [26 Aug 2009|09:22pm]


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Art & Stuff @ the Elder Street Artist Lofts!!! Sunday 8/16 [14 Aug 2009|04:25pm]

August 16th
9am - 6pm

We're opening our doors to the public for an indoor "yard" sale at the infamous Elder Street Artist Lofts formerly the old Jeff Davis Hospital. We will be selling the stuff we don't need anymore along with our art on 4 floors! (Elevators are available, wheelchair accessible.) Refreshments will be served as well!

We are a community of photographers, painters, fashion designers, jewelry makers and sculptors!

Please park in the back!

1101 Elder Street
Houston, TX 77007


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DANSEPARC says farewell to Michael Jackson this Saturday! [16 Jul 2009|05:13am]

come out early this saturday and get in for only $4! we have cheap beer and well drinks all night long!

this saturday we will honor our pop hero, michael jackson. whatever your feelings are about him, there is no denying his music was infectious. we will play all the hits from the jackson 5 and michael jackson amongst the regular danseparc tunes you love!

dress up if you can! and don't forget to practice your moonwalk!

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DANSEPARC: Pretty in Pink - A Tribute to Leigh Boone [22 Apr 2009|02:35pm]

Join us in tribute to Leigh Boone. We will celebrate her life and one of her favorite things to do...dance!

A portion of the cover will go to the Boone family. And you will also be able to donate more if you would like. I ♥ leigh t-shirts will be available for purchase and proceeds go towards her family as well.

We will be playing her favorite songs which of course include Pretty in Pink!


$4 before 11pm
$6 after
All Ages

If you know any songs Leigh loved (and can be danced to.) please email these suggestions to danseparcesque@gmail.com

facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=80405316441


(in case you don't know, she was the girl on the bike who was hit by a firetruck on westheimer and dunlavy.)

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upcoming awesomeness! [11 Feb 2009|06:32pm]

the big thing you need to be preparing for is feb 21st at #s for danseparc is for covers! 4 bands playing awesome covers upstairs! doors are at 8pm sharp. bands start at 8:30 and end at 11pm. danse jams will be played from 8pm - 2am. great drink prices you won't find anywhere else!

dress in purple and be prepared for a healthy dose of prince tunes. check out the bands and who they are playing. the caprolites have canceled but we are working on another band to replace them!

danseparc is for covers flyerCollapse )

for the rest of the week:

first off, this wednesday, you should head over to #s for les boom with damon, fredster and brandon spinning some good electro tunes!

les boom flyerCollapse )

then thursday you'll want to go lesbo (gender changes and temporary gender loving is allowed.) it's grrl parts doing their uhaul thing at chances!

uhaul flyerCollapse )

and then came friday the 13th. (i was born on friday the 13th so it's like a mini birthday for me. bring me presents!)

i am still doing unknown pleasures every friday night at #s. get there early! i am only on until 10:30pm! even better drink prices on fridays until 11pm than danseparc! so in honor of lux interior of the cramps who recently died....


unknown pleasures every friday night at #s flyerCollapse )

and then came valentine's day this saturday. you know what i think of valentine's day? i'm getting my kitten fixed that morning. no love for her! but you don't need love to have fun.

v-day party flyerCollapse )

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fun fun fun week to dance! [10 Dec 2008|04:25am]



Uhaul party this thursday!

electro, indie, 80's n such
electro indie
electro 80s

GRRRL parts djs plus guest dj Shoe (Danseparc, Numbers Night Club)

All Nite!!
all nite!

thursday's flyerCollapse )


so hit the happy hour bars, get warmed up and come to #s at 9 and hear and hopefully dance for an hour of shoe's set and stay for more 80s from wes wallace!

friday's flyerCollapse )


Mustache night part deux!!! Get $1 off the cover if you come with a mustache! Grow it, glue it, buy it or draw it. We don't care!

We have super awesome guest DJs to play their guilty pleasures: grrrlparts(uhaul and everywhere there's speakers), ceeplus bad knives(father of fun) and damon(les boom / boys and girls club / many sweet events)

and of course michael and i will be playing some of our own guilty pleasures! get there early!!! cheap cover before 11! cheap drinks! if you're going to drink at home first, start earlier and get to the club earlier!

saturday's flyerCollapse )


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A John Waters Halloween this Saturday at DANSEPARC!!! [29 Oct 2008|11:37am]


It's Halloween weekend and Danseparc is throwing a John Waters Party--dress up as a character from one of his movies and get $2 off cover! Think of Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby, Ricki Lake in Hairspray, Liz Renay in Desperate Living, and of course, Divine in Pink Flamingos! Channel your inner sleaze or just come for the awesome music and cheap drinks!

DJs Michael and Shoe
Numbers Nightclub
300 Westheimer
Saturday November 1st
9:30 pm until 2 am
$4 before 11:00, $6 after 11:00 ($2 off with John Waters-related costume)
$1.50 draft and $3.25 wells all night!

the flyerCollapse )

and don't forget to check out uhaulloween tonight!

their flyerCollapse )

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ask the mayor to lift the curfew! [25 Sep 2008|03:33pm]

look, montrose from what i saw last night pretty much is back to normal with power. venues and nightclubs that actually obey the curfew are losing a lot of money. people that work there are losing a lot of money.

we need to ask the mayor to lift it this weekend or at least change it to 2am on weekends.

so write or call the mayor:


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DANSEPARC's 6 Year Anniversary this Saturday! [08 Sep 2008|09:26pm]

Please join us for our six-year anniversary party this Saturday at Numbers! We'll have some cds, shirts, and lifetime passes to give away plus special guests!

Come early for reduced cover!

That is, of course, unless Hurricane Ike comes our way.....

And here are some of our upcoming DANSEPARCs

October 4th: A Special Tribute to Electric Light Orchestra
November 1st: Halloween Edition: Come Dressed as your Favorite John Waters Character!
December TBA: Guilty Pleasures + Guest DJs!

And don't forget to check out our new website: http://danseparc.numbersnightclub.com

our flyerCollapse )

And check out our friends at U-Haul Wednesdays at Chances.
We'll be playing there the 24th!

their flyerCollapse )

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after the pride parade.... [28 Jun 2008|01:05pm]

come to DANSEPARC! we're not going to gouge you like those other gay clubs, the cover is the same as always and so are the drink specials!

Doors open at 9:30
$4 before 11, $6 thereafter
$1.50 draft and $3.
25 wells all night
Danseparc will be hosting an unofficial afterparty at Numbers for all the cool kids: queer, gay, straight, undecided, it doesn't matter so long as you like to dance! Get out there and shake yo fabulous booty!

more lulzCollapse )

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attention everyone who has ever gone to #s [14 Jun 2008|12:20pm]

Looking for people to interview who have gone to #s during any time period. Particularly for regulars but occasionals and one timers will work too.

I'm really needing people from the beginning days of #s rather than recent.

Please reply with this information:

Phone (Optional for now):
Current location:
Time period you attended #s:
Regularity of attendance:
Will you be willing to appear on camera:

please email it to: slatif[at]gmail.com

pass this on!

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DANSEPARC is for lovers tonight...(and always) [09 Feb 2008|05:04pm]

To my dearest love,

We've been seeing each other now for almost 6 years. The times have had some rough patches but we've always made it. You know I love you so much! I love the way you move. You make me feel great when you're inside me. And well baby, I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else...will you merry me?

No really, will you make me merry by coming out tonight?

You're the only one for me, no one does it better.

Please check yes or no...

___ yes
___ yes

Love Always,

the flyerCollapse )

*please repost!

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November Spawned a Monster at DANSEPARC this Saturday! [06 Nov 2007|04:28pm]

It's November and what better way to celebrate the month of the turkey eating than with a tribute to Mr. Vegetarian himself, Morrissey. Come dressed up as the man, preferably when he was younger and had more hair. We'll have a contest and the best Morrissey look-alike will win prizes!

Needless to say, we'll be playing a lot of Morrissey and The Smiths tracks along with DANSEPARC favorites!

Here's what Outsmart had to say:

"More, More, Morrissey! The ongoing, hip, and popular monthly dance fest continues. This month's installment of danseparc — a mix of new wave, punk and post-punk, electro-pop, indie rock, and more — themed “November Spawned a Monster,” is a tribute to the teen angst icon, the “is-he-or-isn't-he?” Morrissey. Got a pompadour and lantern jaw? Dress accordingly for the look-alike contest and show off your best lyrical moaning. Hosted by DJ's Michael, Shoe (openly gay), and Stacey (also openly gay). $3 before 11 pm, $5 after 11 pm. 9:30 pm at #s Nightclub, 300 Westheimer. More information: www.myspace.com/danseparc."

As usual, here are the goods:

When: This Saturday, 11/10 @ 9:30 until 2am
Where: Numbers nightclub, 300 Westheimer
What: November Spawned a Monster : A tribute to Morrissey/Look-alike contest
Who: DJs Michael, Stacey and Shoe
Cover: $3 before 11pm, $5 after
Drinks: $1 beer and $2 wells all night

the flyerCollapse )

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ART+ MUSIC + CHEAP DRINKS = An Awesome Night [27 Jul 2007|08:18am]

Friday July 27, 8:00 11:00 p.m.
"Xmas in July" at Steel Lounge Underground

Celebrate the season at Steel Lounge Underground's Xmas in July with ArtsHouston Magazine and DJs Majora y Minora. St. Nick will be on hand to distribute prizes including subscriptions to ArtsHouston, copies of the new Factory Girl DVD, gifts from The Museum Store, and music from BackSpin Records.

As always, we'll also have free sushi and veggie rolls for those that make it early, and quality $2 beers all evening.

Despite all that, the best reason to come is still, of course, the art. Bring your friends and check out Black Light White Noise: Sound and Light in Contemporary Art, showcasing 17 black artists working in sound and light, and Perspectives 157: Xaviera Simmons, an installation featuring more than 1,000 vintage LP covers.

For more information, check out the Steel Lounge Underground MySpace page or call 713-284-8250.

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2/2 Downtown Loft, dog friendly! Take over the lease [20 Jul 2007|12:56pm]

ok, so my roommate and i have this awesome place. but she had to leave before the lease is up and i want to move to a 1 bedroom. our lease ends 10/31 though. we're looking for someone to take over our lease. you have to fill out an application which is $50 per person and then you take over our lease! will be available august 6th.

i'm not sure how they do things now, but when i moved here first, if you worked or went to school at certain places you didn't have to pay a deposit. and you get $25/month off. i know for sure they still do the $25/month off. which is why i put $1424/1449 up there.

up to 2 pets are allowed. a lot of people have dogs here. they say there's a weight limit, but it doesn't seem to be enforced!

here are the goods:

2/2 - about 1100sqft
stained concrete floor
vertical blinds
fridge, dishwasher, stove, microwave, washer/dryer
full bathroom in each room, garden size tubs
central a/c
also has a little room with a built in desk and shelves
the bedrooms have carpet
each bedroom has a huge walk in closet
digital satellite
2nd floor
1 bedroom has view of downtown houston
other one view of warehouse live (the sound is not audible in apartment)

the complex:
security gates
parking garage
next door to warehouse live and close to minute maid park/george r brown convention center.
2 pools
24/7 gym access w/free yoga, spinning, etc classes
BBQ pits at pools
gameroom w/pool table
free internet cafe + coffee
movie theatre - 32 seats
free dvd library rental
dumpster is in garage
all is controlled access

check out www.loftsatballpark.com for more infor and pics!

here's the floor plan:

i will try to take pictures of our messy place and post them. please email for any questions!

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This Friday: Pride kick off party: MADONNARAMA [20 Jun 2007|02:02am]

This Friday @ RICHS 2401 San Jacinto
Pride kickoff party


Playing Madonna songs throughout most of the night, and having a look a like contest with a 100$ cash prize + bar tab for runners up!!!!

W/ Dj Shoo (danseparc)
& Sean Pennn

also Late night danceparty RAGER w/
Damon Allen (Stereo!, Boys & Girls Club)
playing new and classic dance music from around the world!

This party is 18+ and only 5$
drink specials all night
and open LATE!

look at my shitty poster!Collapse )

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